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Customer Testimonials - Lincoln, CA

"I had pain in my lower back caused by a subluxation of the vertebrae. The pain went on for about 2 years before I went to Dr. Brad for Chiropractic treatment. I hadn't taken any steps for help besides chiropractic. I had been receiving chiropractic care before in the past and had benefited greatly from it. I lost my job and was without medical insurance for a while. Once I received medical insurance and moved to Lincoln I went online looking for a chiropractor that took medicare and found Dr. Brad. Chiropractic had helped me before so I knew it was a good choice to choose chiropractic again. I received an examination by Dr. Brad and he said I was a chiropractic case. After x-rays they showed I had a subluxation of the spine in the lower part of my back. This was causing the pain. Dr. Brad recommended getting spinal adjustments 3 times a week. I didn't think I needed that much care at first, but Dr. Brad said that other chiropractors would adjust a couple times a day and that many adjustments were needed to get well. I like going to the gym and I wasn't able to go very much with pain in my lower back, after chiropractic had relieved the pain I was able to work out at the gym more often and without the pain. It took a couple of months of adjustment 3 times a week then 2 times a week before the pain cleared up. But now because of sticking with chiropractic care my back pain has improved greatly. I have more range of motion and flexibility also in my lower back. If you are reading this and have back or neck pain I hope you give Dr. Brad and chiropractic a chance. Dr. Brad is passionate about helping people get healthy and he's a very good chiropractor. Chiropractic has helped me and millions of other people with back pain. You will be surprised at the results you can achieve with chiropractic care. I also recommend stretching for your back along with regular chiropractic care. God has blessed us with Dr. Brad and chiropractic care to help us achieve optimal health. Let's take advantage of it."

– Greg M.

"My name is Ron Rojas. I am professional mechanic, father, husband, and avid golfer. My customer/golf buddy is Dr. Brad Herrgord at Atlas Chiropractic Center in Lincoln. I never seem to have any pain or limitations; however Dr. Brad told me that regular chiropractic care drops the average golf handicap by two strokes. I had never heard this and decided to become a patient. On my second visit, I felt different and more flexible. He stated if I should shoot a better score this coming weekend to realize that my body is simply functioning better than it was. That weekend I shot a 70 (2 strikes below par), my best ever while winning 1st place out of 60 golfers. After ONLY 1 week of chiropractic lifestyle!!!! At the awards ceremony I told the entire audience how much better I felt; a long list, including better balance, fine coordination, ability to fully focus, and flexibility. I said to myself, “No matter Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, Donald Trump, and so many other top performers in the U.S. stay with chiropractic." Thank you,

— Ron R.

Dr. Brad & Staff

"Thank you so much for helping and getting rid of my constant headache problem. A lot of years I had thought it was allergies and my doctor did too. I had to have the allergy testing on my skin after many years of them telling me to take Benadryl or Sudafed and also Flonase. When none of these helped my mom and dad said the were going to take me to see you. My mom wasn't too sure if it would really help. But it did! I hope a lot of people will try Chiropractic Care. Since I had so many headaches I would get upset stomaches and miss school. I feel so much better. Sincerely,"

— Kyle L. (age 14 years)